An Update on the 20/21 Season 

Jackalope Theatre Company announces The New Frontier Series of commissioned and developing plays in lieu of live productions, a digital Living Newspapers Series, and the completion of the company’s Artistic Director transition from Gus Menary to Kaiser Ahmed.

"What an honor to lead and plan in this time! We're thrilled to share this season of creative transparency that will be emblematic of our past, present, and future. Join as we champion our artists through behind-the-scenes of past productions, new digital one-act plays that speak to our immediate moment, and an in-depth devotion to the voices who are telling stories for our collective tomorrow."

- Kaiser Ahmed, Incoming Artistic Director 

The New Frontier Playwrights

For this upcoming 2020/2021 Season, Jackalope has commissioned new plays to be written by (L to R) Terry Guest, Daria Miyeko Marinelli, Omer Abbas Salem and Calamity West for an expansive and digitally shared development process. The New Frontier Series will spotlight the playwright’s process through interactive and public dramaturgical engagement opportunities such as panel discussions, interviews, table readings, and other digital content culminating in a limited run workshop of each play in April and May of 2021. Look out for an announcement in late-August 2020 for dates, play titles, synopses, and directors. 




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