Dates of run: November 26 - December 19, 2010

Written by Charles Mee

Adapted by Melanie Berner, Andrew Burden Swanson, and AJ Ware

Directed by AJ Ware

Featuring: Mary Jo Bolduc, Brendan Buckley, Dan Conway, Margaret Kustermann, Christopher Meister, Jim Schutter, Brenann Stacker, and Mary Williamson​

The piece looks at memory and the American family through the lenses of Norman Rockwell and modern assemblage art and asks, how do we know the truth about our lives if our memories are affected by our feelings toward them? Through a whirling clutter of color and sounds, the play propels it’s main character towards realization and acceptance. Under Construction is about a visual artist, working in her studio home, to create a found object sculpture that completely encapsulates her feelings and memories of her family. Through this Construction, she is bombarded by memories of her childhood and more recent years, that help guide her toward this final goal, of remembering a moment in time that she was closest to her father.

Jackalope Theatre Company ​

Broadway Armory Park 

5917 N Broadway Ave


The Frontier 

1106 W Thorndale Ave ​

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