World Premiere

February 22 – April 1, 2017

Written by Samantha Beach

Directed by Elana Boulos
Featuring: Caroline Heffernan, Sam Blin, Cyd Blakewell, and Paloma Nozicka

Ruth is your average eighth-grader, keeping busy with homework, vying to be captain of her basketball team, and trying to be more like her babysitter. When Ruth mentions at the dinner table that the Devil has been talking to her, her pastor mom and family struggle to help Ruth fight something only she can see. In this world premiere play about faith, doubt, and growing up, the question is: who will you believe?

"★★★! Cast and directed with real heart, an exploration of faith (and the limitations thereof) that really anybody can understand or appreciate...Beach [is] a new name to watch."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"★★★★! Director Elana Boulos has delivered a taut, carefully drawn piece of family drama—one that audiences of all faiths (or who lack faith all together) would do well to see."

Time Out Chicago

Reader Recommended! "powerfully acted, intelligently directed, The Snare is the rare play that asks an audience to accept, without a trace of irony, that faith truly matters to "ordinary" people."

Chicago Reader

"★★★1/2 Beautifully written, directed and acted, The Snare is both thoughtful and thrilling, a tour de force for Jackalope Theatre Company."

Chicago Theatre Beat

"Whether you’re newly independent and reflecting on your adolescence or an overworked, under-rested parent looking for recognition, you will likely see yourself reflected."

Newcity Stage

Critic's Pick! "Engaging and quick-witted...this charming and family-friendly play invites an intimate inquiry of ideas while tugging at your heart."


Jackalope Theatre Company ​

Broadway Armory Park 

5917 N Broadway Ave


The Frontier 

1106 W Thorndale Ave ​

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