World Premiere

November 7 – December 8, 2013


Written by Calamity West

Directed by Marti Lyons

Featuring: Andrew Burden Swanson, Ed Dzialo, Tim Martin, Jack Miggins, and Nate Whelden 

The Peacock transports us to December 1946, where the fiction-writing workshop at an American university is in session. Consisting of young veterans of World War II, and sons of upper class – the workshop possesses but one woman: Nan. A one-legged wunderkind who is forced by her peers to re-examine her violent fiction as a result of the recent suicide of their classmate Eleanor. Based in a world where intellectual prowess is currency, Calamity West brings us this uniquely American exploration of violence, authorial intent, and gender.

"Calamity Wests is, without question, a name to watch. The Peacock is carefully observed."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"West lays a web of tenuous, volatile connections among a group of half-likable characters...  It's a heady, unstable mix, and West maintains a smart balance of threat and farce."

Chicago Reader

Highly Recommended! "Jackalope Theatre has forged its reputation on microcosmic suspense preceding incendiary violence, an aesthetic fulfilled by Marti Lyons' direction of the ensemble led by AJ Ware as the laconic heroine"

Windy City Times

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