World Premiere

July 11 - July 28, 2013


Written by Andrew Burden Swanson and Chance Bone

Directed by Jonathan Berry

Featuring: Somer Benson, Emily Casey, Ed Dzialo, Sam Kurzydlo, Morgan Maher, Ellie Reed, Brad Smith, and Norm Woodel

The Casuals takes us back to 1955, where we meet once-beloved military radio host Richard Hughes, who walks a thin line between a past he’s spent 15 years covering up and a profession that demands ultimate secrecy. When family comes to visit, Richard is forced to confront his past. Two stories collide and all of Richard’s spinning plates come crashing down on the weekend of a neighborhood boy’s birthday. Exploring the strain of power and the strength of the atom, The Casuals explores paranoia, curiosity and the dire need to hold on to the truth. Does knowledge truly set us free – and is it the responsibility of those with knowledge to share it? Though a white lie is still a lie, what’s best isn’t necessarily the truth.

"A very intriguing, impressively unpredictable, heartfelt and promisingly complex new drama of secrets... the overall storytelling is fresh, honest and poignant enough, and Berry's work sufficiently enveloping, that "The Casuals" makes you feel like life is anything but."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Highy Recommended! "Chance Bone and Andrew Burden Swanson’s “The Casuals” is a fine example of the best kind of drama."


"As a piece to see with friends and discuss during your long train ride home, this is the perfect choice for your evening."

Chicago Theatre Review

Jackalope Theatre Company ​

Broadway Armory Park 

5917 N Broadway Ave


The Frontier 

1106 W Thorndale Ave ​

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