World Premiere

August 9 - September 15, 2009

Written by Andrew Burden Swanson

Directed by Gus Menary

Featuring: Chris Chmelik, Jeremy Khan, Patti Roeder, Bill Hyland, James Errico, Jim Elder, Wes Perry, and Caroline Neff

Peering back in time to a dark night during the Prohibition era of the 1930’s and sliding down the tail of the Appalachians into a small county in Tennessee, a car with a trunk full of moonshine and the headlights turned off suddenly hits something in the road. The incident traps Carl Sinclair between the lengthening arm of the law and the mountainous obstacle of his own guilt. His blind cousin, Isaac, ‘sees’ the accident and when the information falls into the wrong hands, panic begets panic as tiers of power and fatalistic relationships collide.

Reader Recommended! "A brutal, thrilling tale of greed and betrayal. Swanson finds myriad compelling psychological nuances in his dead-end characters, and Menary coaxes rich, understated performances from his lead actors."

Chicago Reader

"An auspicious world-premiere production of an astonishingly sophisticated work... Is this a forgotten relic of early 20th-century realism by Eugene O'Neill, or Maxwell Anderson, or perhaps Robert E. Sherwood? No, the author of this rural American tragedy is a 21-year-old student at Columbia College... Jackalope Theatre ensemble display uniform artistic savvy."

Windy City Times

"A superior evening of theater... This is a wonderful story, well presented."

Chicago Stage Standard

Jackalope Theatre Company ​

Broadway Armory Park 

5917 N Broadway Ave


The Frontier 

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