World Premiere

May 12– June 20, 2015


Written by Andrew Burden Swanson

Directed by Gus Menary
Featuring: Will Kiley, Scot West, Malcolm Callan, Patrick Whalen, Janna Bridgeton, Darci Nalepa, Sasha Smith, Jeannie Affelder, Robert Koon, Charlie Strater, Mike Hamilton, Kaiser Ahmed, Jessie D. Prez, and J.P. Pierson

Jackalope Theatre Company presents the latest brainchild of resident playwright Andrew Burden Swanson. LUNACY! imagines a madcap 1969 in which the conspiracy theorists may have been right. Kennedy guaranteed a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and NASA is running out of time to fulfill the promise that will awe the world and unite a nation. July 15: A young physicist reports for duty at MGM Borehamwood Studios. The mission at hand? Film a simulated moon landing that the whole world will fall for. With a young Donald Rumsfeld in the director’s chair; CIA agents in the roles of our space-bound heroes and the whole of Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic technology at their fingertips, what could possibly go wrong? Perfectionists in both science and art unite to reinforce American ambition, reinvigorate a sense of wonder, and inspire through knowledge of possibility- however unfathomable it may seem.

"Jackalope Theatre pulls off fake moon landing...For a small company like Jackalope — which deservedly won the League of Chicago Theatre's emerging theater award Monday night — this kind of show represents admirable ambition"

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Fascinatingly funny!"

Time Out Chicago


"Conspiracy theories never add up, but they do have their pleasures. Just so with Andrew Burden Swanson's crypto-historical comedy"

Chicago Reader

"Conspiracy theorists with a sense of humor are ready-made for this audience...enough silly moments to keep everyone entertained."

The Times of Indiana and Illinois


"Ludicrously watchable!"

Newcity Stage


"Lunacy benefits tremendously from the good-natured energy that Jackalope exudes... admirably consistent...Characteristic of this adventurous company, the behind-the-scenes work is ambitious."

Chicago Stage Standard

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