World Premiere

October 16 – November 24, 2018

By Calamity West

Directed by Elly Green 

Featuring: Liz Sharpe, Paloma Nozicka*, Peter Moore, Andrew Swanson*, Diego Colón*, Helen Joo Lee, Shariba Rivers, and Asia Jackson.

IN THE CANYON is a new American saga by Calamity West spanning from 2007 to 2067. In an exploration of the present attack on Roe v. Wade, this world premiere chronicles a story of survival, and imagines the decline of a broken society. When the sun begins to set on a shattered world, the canyon rocks and walls come alive and a story of resistance is birthed.

★★★1/2! (out of 4) 'In the Canyon' is a terrific Calamity West play that begins with controversy and only gets riskier."

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

★★★★! (out of 5) "A full-throated, pro-choice, pro-women, anti-Trump war cry."

-Time Out Chicago

"In the Canyon” is iconic. It is a definitive example of the bold new work we have come to expect from Jackalope Theatre. 

- Newcity

"A bold intelligent production... Makes the Jackalope Theatre Company feel like the center of something extraordinary."

Chicago Reader


"A play set in a near-future so plausible it feels as though we’re already, inescapably, locked into it." - ReScripted


"Calamity West’s new play lives and breathes—taking our false sense of security and undermining it slowly and with great precision."

Third Coast Review

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