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1106 W Thorndale Ave., Chicago, IL • By Thorndale Red Line Station • Email: thefrontier@jackalopetheatre.org



We are located in Northside Chicago's beautiful Edgewater neighborhood. The Frontier is just steps outside the Thorndale Red Line Station doors, 2 blocks from the sands of Hollywood beach, around the corner from the newly-built Edgewater Library complex, and around the other corner from Moody's Pub (best patio and burgers in town). Let Jackalope be your northside destination this summer!


On the streets of a UK city, where CCTV cameras capture their every move, Lex and her crew of runaways and misfits steal to survive and graffiti to make their mark. But when a moment of unexpected violence leaves the future of the group in doubt, the appearance of a well-meaning stranger threatens to break them apart forever. Caught between vulnerability and violence, reform and rebellion, Lex must fight to keep control of the only real family she has ever known.

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Thank you for joining us at our

1st Annual Frontier Gala!!!

Photos by Alex Hand, June 8th, 2013

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Feb 7th, 2013
Photos by Lev Kalmens